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This is one of our latest boats, 'twelve and a bit'. Both the owners and ourselves are delighted with the finished result, and she will be the subject of a full boat test in Canalboat magazine. Look out for the full article in the January edition of Canalboat, available at your retailer during December

detail of narrowboat interior an example of our work as barge builders interior of one of our bespoke narrowboats outside our narrowboat builders premises

there's no getting away from the fact that commissioning a new bespoke narrowboat will be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, all the more reason to make the right choices. the decisions that you will be faced with are those that will make your narrowboat either work wonderfully, or be a dissapointment. whether you are knowledgable boaters or first time owners, our responsibility as professional narrowboat fitters is always to guide you through the choices and potential pitfalls, allowing informed decisions about what is right for you.

russ hubble boats are professional narrowboat builders, run by russ and clare hubble.  our advice and guidance is based on over 15 years of liveaboard boating and over 9 years of building bespoke narrowboats.  over the years we have been called upon not only as narrowboat fitters but also as widebeam and barge builders. our work has encompassed a wide range of styles from the very traditional through to contemporary and quite unique designs.  to our pleasure, our work has become well respected, indeed much of our work comes by recommendation and word of mouth.

it's impossible to cover everything about our work as narrowboat builders on a website, but on the following pages we hope to show you an overview of our bespoke narrowboats and barges, and convey to you our dedicated and fastidious approach to our work.

we hope that you enjoy our website, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your narrowboat requirements with you.


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