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our approach to boatbuilding:

we are often asked, especially by those in advertising, what is our 'USP', our 'unique selling point'.

the answer to this has many facets

care: yes, building boats is our livelyhood, but there's more to it than that, in some ways we treat each build almost as if it's our own. It really matters to us that everything is perfect and each decision is well considered. It is still fair to say that we get a little 'clingy' over every boat when it comes to handover time! If we didn't feel this way about our work, we would'nt be doing it! If we think something is a bad idea, we will tell you. If we think something would be an exciting idea, we will suggest it.

completeness: 'That'll do' is just not a phrase we use, a boat is only finished when every detail is perfect. This attitude has to prevail right from the beginning of each project. Clare and I know every inch, every screw, of every boat we build, and its because of this that we can achieve our standards. In many respects, the 'behind the scenes' work is the most vital to a boat's success, yet so often hurried and overlooked.

design and uniqueness: because we build each boat individually, we really can produce a narrowboat that is completely taylored to your needs. If you want a overtly traditional craft, no problem. If you want something unusual, an icebreaker, an inspection launch, no problem. If you want something completely new and different, no problem. All carried out with the Russ Hubble Boats care and attention to detail. 

russ and clare